Our Large Angular Foam will allow for multiple cuts.Very Cost Effective.

I am able to get 3 to 4 pcs. from our large foam. Cost savings!

Just cuts with razor or scissors.


Angular Foam Installed 1st.

Exaggerate cut@1/2" for snug fit.

Spray adhesive to foam and material you are adhering to per mfg. instructions for bond.

Allow @3/4" overhang on and in all corners

Allow @3/4" overhang in/out of corners on all sides.

Good Example. 

Good Example. 

All underdeck compartments are connected with drain holes Bow to Stern with drainage to bilge.All gravity no mechanical devices. 

This is also a GREAT time to put excess foam up the  gunnel sides to collect any water from rubrail leaks.

No waste!

We are ready to foam now or after we set our deck.

We won't be lifting this deck for water or aeration issues.