Why we did it

Our Story

Our Online Marine Supply Store was founded by like-minded individuals, a group of individuals doing exactly what most of us boat rehabbers/builders do.

-Rebuilding boats that are typically underbuilt from the factory.

-Rebuilding it better than factory.

-Rebuilding better than how we got it.

-Making sure the problems we found do not occur again.

-Being PROUD of our work!

-Increasing the lifetime of our boats by intensive and not always fun hard work and quality materials/techniques with

Flotation Foam Solutions.

SOMEBODY SAID to me once upon a time...…………

"This topic has been kicked around for years."

"There is NO WAY to drain or aerate the compartments we build under the deck. Fill em with foam. Forget about it...Move on!"

So we dedicated ourselves, ideas, time and monies to building a complete innovative, smart and easy to install drainage, aeration and  flame retardant system. {Flame retardant was one of our concerns for our product development, it is part of the chemical mix, not a coating]

Flotation Foam Solutions products.

Our products are Patent pending, well developed, tested, fast/easy to install and guaranteed to work for your boats applications.